People who are currently in San Andreas Sheriff's Department be able to request a transfer to Los Santos Police Department. You can request a transfer here. The request will be forwarded to Command Team & High Command of the Los Santos Police Department, will be discussed, and the request will be informed to you that you are accepted or denied.

But, you have to pass the several things & requirement:

Must have served San Andreas Sheriff's Department for one month.
Must have a minimum rank that is Deputy Sheriff I.
Must have been on good terms.
Must have a permission from the supervisor staff of their current department.
Usually a candidate whose transfer request gets accepted will lose at least one rank.

(( Make a new thread with full name, and sign as title of topic. Ex : [Transfer] Javier McClory ))

Current Department:
Length of service:
Your current rank:

Why did you choose to be a Police Officer ?(IC):
Why did you choose to roleplay as a Police Officer?(OOC):
Permission(s) from your supervisor(OOC)[Screenshots/Chatlog]: