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Sign Up Police Recruitment #1[Accepted Interview Stage #1]

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1.1) Firstname:Alex
1.2) Lastname:Gustavo
1.3) Age:24
1.4) Gender:Male
1.5) Date of birth:27/09/1992
1.6) Place of birth:Los Santos
1.8) Marital status: (Single/Married/Separated/Widow/er)Single

2.1) Height: (In feet)175 feet
2.2) Weight: (In pound)75 pounds
2.3) Blood Type:A
2.4) Do you have any weakness that may affect your duty as Law Enforcement?:No
2.5) Hereditary disease (If any):

3.1) Phone Number:
3.2) House Phone Number:
3.3) Address: (Can be House/Apartment)

4.1) Do you have a Driving License?:Sure
4.2) Do you have a Sailing License?:Sure
4.3) Do you have a Flying License?:No
4.4) Do you have a Firearms License?:Sure

5.1) Pre-School:Education-21
5.2) Primary School:Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement
5.3) Junior High School:Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement
5.4) Senior High School:Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement
5.5) University (if any):Univesity Los Santos

7.1) Have you ever been involved in a criminal case? If yes, explain it:No
7.2) Have you ever submitted an application to SAPD? If yes, when?:No
7.3) Whats the reason of your denial from the previous application (If you got denied)?:
7.4) Why would you like to be a part of the San Andreas Police Department?: (Minimum 250 words)I am currently employed Private Investigator (Private Detective) However, despite a nice and fair pay, the work is boring. There is not enough excitement or ability to dedicate yourself more to the community through a private investigation group. Although you sometimes get a good case, most messages are relayed through 911, and the fast paced deals; crushing drug dealers and gun traders, get handed off to Patrol Cops. I'm not at all saying Police Officers cannot do their job, except I'd like to be apart of that job and help dedicate myself to aiding the Community that way.

((I have a high maturity when playing, and keep cool despite any situation. I always divert from OOC unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, and have experience. I know how to play SA:MP. I know how to drive vehicles [Passed Drivers test on first shot] and commit vehicle moves such as Drifting or diverting them off road. I know how to keep pace and track of vehicles and especially know how to handle tense situations. If it involves negotiation, Hostages, or even suicidal people, I know how to handle it. I've taken Real Life classes in Law, Law Enforcement and First Aid. So this gives me a perfect position to Roleplay in the police position, for i know how to properly talk and converse in tense moments, I know how to enforce the law to its fullest extent required. I know WHEN to use a weapon, and when NOT to. And I especially know how to handle injuries before paramedics can arrive.))

7.5) Why should we accept you in the San Andreas Police Department?: (Minimum 200 words)
Implement early detection and early warning through activity / investigation operations, safety and raising;
Providing protection, shelter and services are easy, responsive and not diskriminati;
Maintain security, order and smoothness of traffic to ensure the safety and smooth flow of people and goods;
Guarantee a successful response to security threats in the country;
Develop community policing based on a law-abiding community;
Enforce the law in a professional, objective, proportionate transparent and accountable to ensure legal certainty and a sense of justice;
Managing professional, transparent, accountable and moder entire police resources to support operational police duties;
Building a system of interdepartmental synergy polisional and international institutions as well as the components of society in order to build partnerships and networks (partnership building / networking).
Attempting to continue the internal reform of the police.
    Realising the organization and the Police ideal posture supported by facilities and infrastructure that modern policing.
    Empowerment of human resources professional and competent police, which upholds ethics and human rights.
    Improving the welfare of members of the Police.
    Improving the quality of excellent service and public confidence in the Police.
    Strengthen the ability of crime prevention and early detection is based on the principle of proactive policing and policing oriented on solving the root of the problem.
    Increase Harkamtibmas engages the public through synergy polisional.
    Realizing professional law enforcement, justice, upholding human rights and anti-corruption

(( OOC Section ))

8.1) Name:Gibran
8.2) Age:14
8.3) Location:Pekanbaru
8.4) DP-RP Forum ID (with the link):gibran989812
8.6) Your current & past characters: Also list the score with your character (for example, Romero Parsley [20])Thomas_Cornell[6]
8.7) Have you ever roleplayed in any other roleplay servers, and how long you have been played in this server?:Sure, at 2years
8.8) What faction/families you have ever been in, is it official or not?:I have a faction they are SASD
8.9) Do you have a fully working microphone? If no, explain it:Yes, I use a Logitech USB Headset that has a working Mic. I keep it away from the face so i don't sound like a moron
8.10) Do you have teamspeak 3 installed in your computer??:sure
8.11) Have you ever got banned in Distric Roleplay server? If yes, then why?:No and never be banned
8.12) Why would you like to join SAPD?: (Minimum 120 words)BECAUSE I Liked Becoming A Police because I am from the Small Of My hobby is because police often assist the unsung although many residents are annoyed them still serve their patient. Against the corruption cases they are enthusiastic membanati lainnya.Seperti perambokan criminal offenders, murder, prostitution. So the job of a policeman was very needed.Walaupun have a higher risk as the evening vigil. Many abusers where .Because that I wanted to join the police and prepared to accept the risk
8.13) What do you know about Law and Government?: (Answer it yourself, DO NOT COPY PASTING).I spent much time while in two police groups on two RP Servers within SA:MP. In One I would often have to take in Negotiation, and Investigation situations. Involving lots of RP, time and skill to occur well and (as it always would) end on good terms from both sides. I also was on another server, where i received training in how to properly use weapons in SA:MP and use advantages such as cutting off vehicles in pursuit. Drifting,))

(( On a second Note. I used to roleplay within the MMORPG Face of Mankind During Open Beta. [Tons of old OBers should know me by last name. Macen or Layland] I was apart of the IIA. Which was a subdivision of the LED (Law Enforcement Division) which specialized in Investigation of internal affairs and corruption. Dealing with unhappy inmates and such
8.14) What is your Internet Service Provider and your bandwitdh speed?: (What is your ISP? and what is your internet's speed)100.0Mbps
8.15) Have you ever been in an organization? If yes, what?:Sure, SASD
8.16) Are you playing in the Internet Cafe or at Home?: If playing at Internet Cafe, please give us a guarantee / statement: (50 words minimum) AND YOUR STATEMENT WILL BE NOTED BY SAPD AND YOU MUST RESPONSIBLE ON YOUR STATEMENT, IF YOU LIE = BAN)Nama saya Gibran saya tinggal di Jalan Agussalim no12 B, Pekanbaru. Keseharian saya selain belajar yaitu bermain warnet. Warnet yang bernama FAHMI.NET berlokasi tidak jauh dari warnet  saya. setiap hari saya bermain disana bermain SAMP yaitu Server Diamond Project Roleplay
8.17) What is your in-game time? (AM/PM or both)?:1P.M-6P.M

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