The Internal Affairs Unit of the San Andreas Police Department now open our mailbox for those who want to report any wrongdoing officers. Feel free to report any officers of their wrongdoing whilst they are on duty. We will respond to every single report, so please give us 24 to 48 hours to take your reports into deliberation. There are three sections to be cleared for one report, they are:

Investigations, on this stage we will check if your report is valid or invalid. And on this stage we will send a mail informing you that your report is in the middle of being processed.
Meeting, on this stage the reported officer is summoned to the present of the IAU.
Final Decision, on this stage the reported officer will either be disciplined or released, depending on the case.

Please put an effort in your report, you may take a look at our example HERE, do not modify anything from the original format. Just replace the Your answer tag to your proper answer, and after you've finished filling in the format you could send the report to

Any reports you make against a wrongdoing officer are helping us progressing as a whole. And any critics, or suggestions are as well, so if you have anything to tell us, you may send an email directly to; any message, any report even with as little information as it could be is important enough for us. So do send us anything.

Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs Unit,
Deputy Chief of Police Philippe Choquette